What to Expect at Drive for Babies
A typical day at Drive for Babies begins with driver registration and a technical safety inspection. This is followed up by a driver meeting and then onto the track!

The drivers are placed in groups by experience and placed with an instructor. Guests are allowed to watch the drivers from all fan areas on the beautifully scenic Road America grounds.

During the off the track intervals take a “Hot Laps” ride with a professional race car driver, enjoy a challenging autocross, and a midday lunch is provided for drivers and their registered guests. This downtime also gives drivers a chance to fine tune their vehicles while checking out the other cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a sports car to drive?
No. Any street legal car is eligible. The event is open to vehicles eligible for street licensure. Otherwise, if a vehicle is not eligible for street licensure, then it must be eligible for one of the following GCR categories: Showroom Stock, Touring, Improved Touring, Spec Miata; or it must be eligible for one of the following SOLO categories: Stock, Street Prepared, Street Touring, or Street Modified. No vehicles that are prepared beyond these allowances will be permitted to participate. Open wheel cars are not allowed. SUV’s are not allowed.

Do I need a helmet?
Yes. While on course, all participants shall wear a safety helmet meeting Snell SA2005 / Snell M2005 or later specifications. The Snell label must be attached to the inside of the helmet. Decals on outside of helmet are not considered valid proof of Snell rating.

Do I need track experience?
No. The driver groups based on ability are designed to let you get up to speed at your own pace.

How much of the track will we use?
The entire four-mile Road America circuit will be used.

How much track time will I get?
Throughout the four 20 minute sessions, driver get over an hour of track time on the course.

How much?
$325 per driver before September 1st, $425 after September 1st through event day or until event is sold out
$75 for guests. *only PAID guests will be allowed to join you on the property

As a guest, will I be able to ride in a car as a passenger?
No. Guests will NOT be allowed on the track during any driving session except for the touring session at the end of the day.

Join us for Drive for Babies. We hope to see you there!